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Told it is necessary to add to everything that the lecturer should not be held down in the movements, but also not to be excessively fussy with the unjustified or dramatized gesticulation. But as well as any means, gesture and a mimicry it is necessary to be able to own, without covering with them the sound speech, and strengthening its semantic capacity and expressiveness. Listeners appreciate quiet behavior of the lecturer, his confidence, concentration and simplicity more.

At lectures rational alternation of special attention, cogitative tension and easing in their way of the corresponding discharge is necessary. Lecture on the most difficult, abstract subject allows humour, ironical remarks of the lecturer in compliance, of course, with the contents. But jokes and jokes demand sense of proportion, reasonable and thin ability of their giving. All excessive leads to contrast, and lecture can easily lose the scientific value.

Pedantic discipline of the lecturer. It is necessary to exclude completely any reasons (so-called "special" cases) hiding the exact beginning and the end of lecture. Lecture - the most important in life of the teacher of the higher school.

Statement. Proofs. Analysis, covering of events. Analysis of the facts. Experience demonstration. Characteristic of various points of view. Definition of the position. Formulation of partial conclusions. Display of communications with practice. Merits and demerits of the principles, methods, objects of consideration. Scope.

The aspiration of some lecturers to emphasize before audiences the "intellectual superiority", to state material deliberately complicated language is methodically unreasonable. Excessive simplification of lecture language that can lead to a primitivization and even vulgarization of scientific understanding is so inexpedient.

Efficiency of lecture can be increased due to rational use of technical means which reduce expenses of time for purely technical work connected with reproduction and reading (nadiktovyvaniye) of the plan of lecture, the recommended literature, creation of charts, schedules, record of definitions, quotes. Sets of technical means need to be prepared for each lecture beforehand, without overloading with them audience.

Application at lectures of supportive applications, mainly demonstration, increases interest in the studied material, aggravates and directs attention, increases activity of perception, promotes strong storing.

It is known that lecture teaching demands clearness and a szhatost of expressions, expressiveness of the speech, unconditional language and grammatical correctness. Lectures at the higher school do not allow speech negligence and a contamination it unnecessary parenthesises, a slang, vulgarisms.

Pedagogical efficiency of lecture, interest in them is defined also by application of supportive applications - experiment demonstration, presentation, and also use of technical means of training.