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As for theoretical value of discoveries of Mayo, it consists in receiving the new fact - the existence in small group of two types of structures which opened wide prospect for researches. After Hawthorne experiments there was a whole direction in research of small groups connected with the analysis of each of two types group ­, detection of correlative value of each of them in a of management of group.

Thus, and the second of traditionally developed of small groups cannot be considered strict though the classification of structures constructed on its basis is useful to development of ideas of the nature of groups.

These unexpected results forced Mayo to experiment and to carry out some more additional : now changed already not only illumination, but more wide range of working conditions (the placement of six to the certain room, improvement of system of compensation, introduction of additional breaks, two days off in a week, etc.). At introduction of all these innovations labor productivity increased, but when under the terms of experiment, innovations were cancelled, it, though decreased, remained on the urovena higher, than initial a little.