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Quickly growing capitalist industry, increasing demand for means of production, causes increase in prices for them and inflow of the capital first of all in this branch of production. It also allowed businessmen receiving the trebled profits.

Stolypin saw the main brake in development of agriculture in "community" to which peasants were attached and which control hung over them. The peasant could not leave it, could not sell the land which used because it belonged to a community. Existence of a community did not give the chance to apply the best ways of production, to introduce the best sevosmena, to use farm vehicles, artificial fertilizers.

Nevertheless certain capitalists entered at themselves new cars and the advanced methods of production and achieved increase of labor productivity above the average level existing in this branch therefore they got additional profit.

However the method of "labor barracks" applied in conditions though militarization of work yielded fast positive results, not in which to a measure could not be perspective in time as it was based on noneconomic coercion.

Economic universality of a feudal ancestral lands, its difficult structure (the yards, villages, volosts, the cities in the domain), considerable differentiation of the dependent population in domonical economy became the reason of various forms of operation in it - an otrabotochny rent, a natural and monetary rent. Thereof needs of owners of domains and an ancestral lands that was the main economic incentive in the organization by a ruling class of own farms were satisfied.

Widespread introduction of cost accounting was interfered by a variety of reasons: shortage of the fixed and current assets, economically prepared shots, absence developed - the marketing device, long not profitability of the enterprises of the revived heavy industry, etc.

Along with development of the public relations generating operation by a ruling class of personally free direct producers in the state there was in 9 - 11 centuries a social economic system based on operation of the dependent population - domonical economy.

The largest figures of party N. I. Bukharin, A. N. Rykov, M.P. Tomsky supported rather balanced development of the industry and agriculture. It was supposed that growth of the industry would happen on the basis of raising of all national economy at steady increase of a standard of living of the people.

In the period of the New Economic Policy changes in system of the organization of production were noticeable. Leveling distribution at compensation was liquidated, natural supply of workers is gradually replaced with the salary considering quality and number of work.