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For reduction of a pulsation of output tension between the rectifier and loading often turn on the smoothing filter. Quality of smoothing is defined by the smoothing coefficient equal to the pulsation coefficient relation on a filter entrance to pulsation coefficient at its exit

the capacitor loading of valve group representing rather high-capacity condenser which can also be considered as the simple capacitor smoothing filter. The smoothing filter connected to a rectifier exit reduces pulsations of output tension.

In intensifying schemes the transistor works in the active mode when emitter transition is displaced directly (for the Ube r-p-r-transistor>, and collector - back (Ubk>. Thus the transistor possesses intensifying properties and currents of its electrodes are connected among themselves through static coefficients of transfer on current of the transistor B and 

The Transistor Keys (TK) are a basis of the COMPUTERS logical elements. Day of display of binary symbols static conditions of shopping mall in which the transistor works in the modes of a cut-off or saturation are used. During transition processes when switching from one static state in another the transistor works in the normal and inverse active modes.

Rpot = + Rtr (Rtr - the active resistance of losses the transformer. Practically always Rpot  RH and   C(RH || Rpot. In other part of the period the diode is closed. During this time the condenser is discharged by   C(RH || Robr+rtr)).

In the set area mode under curves of current of a charge of the Jsz condenser and current of the category Jcp are identical. The key calculated parameters of the rectifier are functions of coefficient, where m=1 for one-half-period and m = 2 for two-half-period rectifiers.

The constant of time of  of a recharge of a charge of capacity of C0 is equal: =0 (Ri || Rc || Rn). Respectively the highest boundary frequency of fv of a pass-band of the amplifier is defined as fv = (2-to Expand a pass-band of the amplifier in conditions when Rn and type of the transistor are already set, it is possible only due to reduction of Rc. However thus ku decreases