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Twins usually after the only children start speaking. Uniovular twins are usually not sociable, they have not enough friends, they have a strong link with each other. It is impossible to destroy their communication and to be imposed to them in friendship or even on communication. Twins choose people with whom they will communicate.

The spermatozoon impregnates one cage, this only egg shares in two – there is a conception of two true twins (either boys, or the girls) extraordinary similar at each other. Each fruit has the cover (sometimes the general for two) and the general, as a rule, a placenta.

From the paper we learned a lot of new about twins, their development and behavior. Revealed at themselves positive and negative sides. Earlier we believed that unsociability with age-mates is connected with our temperament. And now we know that this problem is inherent in many twins, especially, if are uniovular. Now we will try to be more sociable.

We consider that the phenomenon of twins is not less interesting to knowledge, than secret of the Universe system. Similar destinies of twins prove once again, what not everything in this world can be explained. Also we believe that the unity of the biography of twins is explained by identity of their genetic code in which the future of the person is programmed.

Two spermatozoa impregnate two ova. Each fruit has the fetal cover and a separate placenta. False twins can be either two boys, or two girls, or the boy and the girl, but anyway they will be probably at each other no more, than ordinary brothers and sisters.