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The hotel economy is one of the main links of system of tourist and excursion service. Among a complex of the services provided to the tourist during travel, hotel service takes the central place. Placement, granting temporary housing with a certain set of other services are included as the main part into any tourist program, into each round.

Services cannot be postponed until the following sale or to carry out their inventory that demands additional cares of workers of a services sector: they have to render services in the first requirement and on the basis of flexible system of the prices. The more long the guest waits when he is served, the less there is this service really.

As to hotel economy all characteristics are inherent in services sector sector. The services sector is formed in the course of interaction of material and non-material spheres of production and is based on service – the special consumer cost of work used not as a thing, and as activity. In the material sphere production of services is carried out on transport and in communication, trade and public catering, preparations of agricultural production and logistics. In the sphere of non-material production all divisions participate in production of services.

In particular, the household services connected with repair and production of products, housing-and-municipal services, services of public catering, service of transport and so forth can be referred to material services.

Hotel economy – sector of a services sector, specializing on providing temporary residence in means of placement – the enterprises rendering services of placement. Hotels, motels, campings, camp sites, boarding houses, etc. can be such enterprises.

Rendering any services, the personnel has to show a step and a correctness. When rendering services is important not only their quantity, but also quality. Therefore in many hotels living at departure ask to fill in small questionnaires which are given together with keys in service of reception and placement, and then study them in service of advertizing and marketing.

Accommodation and food belong to the main services. Registration living in hotel and decreasing from it has to be made round the clock. In the organizations of public catering, communication and consumer services placed in hotel, the persons living in hotel are served out of turn.

Other party of this feature – transformation of the consumer of service into part of production. If at creation of the computer acquired by you the producer practically did not think of you, for example, in hotel her workers have to serve you in due form hospitality, that is, in particular, considering all your personal inquiries even if you will behave unfriendly.

The hotel economy or the hotel industry is the most important component of branch of hospitality. It integrally and naturally connects restaurants, cafe, transport and excursions in a uniform chain of tourist and excursion service.

Correctly developed approach to research of this or that economic event acts as the effective prerequisite of improvement of the theory, a necessary basis for receiving the new knowledge used in real practice. Therefore in a complex of the key problems needing deep theoretical judgment and justification, today the problem of services, among them – hotel is of particular importance.

The enterprises rendering services have to be placed in an available place (most often on the first a floor. In a lobby, on floors, in numbers there has to be information on that, as well as where to receive services, business hours have to be convenient for guests.

Individualization of requests for services and subjectively caused possibility of inconstancy of quality of services – two interconnected parties of one process. The consequence of it is usually lack of a reliable guarantee of ensuring constant quality of service or their variation in very big ranges.